Dear friends,

We are permanently closing our contemporary art gallery after operating for nearly 12 years. We are proud to have mounted close to 100 exhibitions in our San Francisco space and to have organized a significant number of outside exhibitions for our artists during the gallery’s existence.

It’s been a great run, and we are extremely proud of all we have accomplished with our provocative program in a very tough art market. This was a very painful decision as we built our lives around our love and support for our artists, both as great talents and as people. However, it has become startlingly clear that the brick-and-mortar gallery model is no longer a sustainable endeavor for us.

As we are not willing to compromise our vision by shifting to a more market-driven business, we decided to close the gallery now, on a high note, when our artists and our own contributions will be remembered in the strongest light.

Both of us recall a long list of gallery successes and highlights, including major museum exhibitions & acquisitions, an insightful & steady stream of national and international press, scholarly publications, and a wealth of engaging dialogue. We shall remain grateful to the many outstanding collectors, writers, artists, gallerists, and curators who have given us so much support and whom have had a hand in shaping our lives during these challenging and remarkable 12 years.

In addition to serving on the Advisory Board for the two most recent ArtPadSF art fairs, we enjoyed success at internationally renowned invitational art fairs including VOLTA New York, PULSE (Miami/New York/London), Miami Project, and NEXT Chicago. Our well-recognized stable of artists, who were well established on the forefront of contemporary art dialogue both nationally and internationally, will continue to create and exhibit their contemporary works.

We plan to continue our patronage of contemporary art, artists, and galleries, albeit from a different side of the equation. We have no plans to reopen a gallery, but we envision working with artists, collectors, and curators in a more informal and creative way, allowing us to re-engage with art more freely.

Our website will remain an active, image-filled archive of the gallery’s rich history featuring complete exhibition walkthroughs and press/news links as well as Steve’s lively art podcasts, on which he interviewed past & present gallery artists, colleagues, and other local contemporary art supporters and luminaries.

Once again, we both want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for a wonderful 12 years. This is not a goodbye from either of us; we are both looking forward to what the future holds. In the meantime, please stay in touch!

Warmly, Heather (Marx) & Steve (Zavattero)

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